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Message from your Roving Corespondent in Annapolis

Posted about 10 years ago by Elaine Crain


An update on how things in Annapolis are shaping up.

We are in the middle of solidifying our allies and gathering specific support from people who may make a difference. I have sent out several individual e-mails to those who are in keep places to assist us. We still need more help:

Baltimore City where Pete Hammond, chair of the HGO House Committee, is running for reelection. He needs to receive letters from his constituents asking him to allow the bill out of the HGO committee for a full House vote.

PG County has two influential senators - David Harrington and Jim Rosa Pepe who are on the fence and their constituents need to persuade them to vote for our bill when it goes to the Senate floor.

Anyone who lives in these areas, please encourage your family friends neighbors and patients to e-mail or call their offices:

Lorraine and Susan continue to meet with and try to blunt the Med Chi opposition to our bill. Shirley Devaris, Director of Policy Analysis and Legislation at the Board of Nursing, and Van Mitchell, MCNP's lobbyist, are ghosting through the halls of the Gen. Assembly to make sure no amendments are added that will change our position or water down our resolve.

This afternoon I testified before the HGO House committee on the Governor's bill HB 929: Patient Centered Medical Home Program. I represented the Maryland Coalition of Nurse Practitioners. This bill specifically mentions of nurse practitioners as heads of medical homes!

It is almost impossible to keep you posted with the day-to-day and minute-to-minute changes as we proceed through this process. However Lorraine and I will try and keep you as informed as time allows.

I also remind you that a small handful of us are working for the greater good of all nurse practitioners in the state of Maryland. What we do here today will influence your day-to-day practice for many years to come.

So I ask, again, if you can, to please go to our website – - and join the Coalition or donate to the cause. Lobbyists, especially the good ones, are expensive!

From the marbled halls of the Gen. Assembly, your roving correspondent, Elaine



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