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Big Issue!

Posted over 10 years ago by Elaine Crain


There is a Senate Hearing on Tuesday for SB 855: Patient Centered Medical Home Program. The bill specifically gives NPs the 'right' to run medical homes.

I went last Wednesday just to say the NPs support the Governor (it is his baby) and MedChi was there with vast protestations of support....with an amendment to remove NPs from it as they are not qualified to run anything let alone a primary care practice.

Luckily I spoke after their 5 MD panel and with some quick thinking (and Pat Noble's unpublished comments :) gave them the Nursing process and theorists' story on how nurses have been seeing patients as holistic w/ spiritual, familial and community leanings (you know the line). And how we would be happy to help all our colleagues embrace what was for them a new concept. 

I was asked a direct question as to whether I thought NPs could head medical homes and said 'airily' (I thought) but confidently (rumor says) that of course we could, wed been doing it for hundreds of years.

So, long explanation. We, the Maryland NPs, need someone to do the same on Tuesday and my boss's patience (and my vacation time ) are rapidly diminishing. Same with Lorraine and our other people.

I know it's hard to cancel an afternoon of patients in 24 hours. But, is there any chance of anyone being able to represent us?

Let me know! elaine



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