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MAAPC Request for assistance

Posted almost 8 years ago by Elaine Crain


Over the next few weeks you will be hearing from the Maryland Academy of Advanced Practice Clinicians (MAAPC) about the legislation we are introducing in the 2013 Maryland session.

We are also hosting a Spring CE conference on Thursday, March 14, 2013. For more information and registration go to

As you know, our conferences permit us to play a role in the legislative process by allowing us to hire a professional lobbyist. 

The bulk of the monies generated through the conference are from the Pharmaceutical industry and not from attendee registration

We are therefore asking, not only for your attendance at our conferences, and your support for our legislation that will benefit all Advanced Practice Clinicians in Maryland, but also for contacts in the pharmaceutical industry.

If you see Pharm Reps in your office, please send me their names and emails so I can send out information on our conferences. There will be no obligation to you or them; we are just passing on information that they may be interested in for their company’s advertising.

I will keep you informed as we participate in this session of the Maryland Assembly and will let you know when we need action!

Your roving correspondent in Annapolis for 2013,

Elaine Crain


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