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The Next Step in Legislation :)

Posted over 10 years ago by Elaine Crain


The good news is that our bill is making its way through the committee process in both the House and Senate. The bad news is that there is still significant opposition from MedChi to it.

There are many Senators and Delegates who are either opposed or on-the-fence about the bill – mostly due to ignorance not rancor.

Once the bill makes it out of the committees (and I am being positive here!), we need a huge letter writing campaign to begin (again) to all members of the General Assembly. I am hoping this will happen end of this week or beginning of next!

I will send out an email as soon as we hear if the bill is being sent to the House and Senate floors. At that moment, we need to flood the House and Senate with letters! So get them written and poised to mail!

Please look up your representatives and write a letter or draft a call to them to either thank them for supporting our bill or to explain why they should. Phone calls and snail mailed letters carry more weight than emails.

Attached is a copy of my letter – note there is an introduction for a supporting representative and to a non-supporting one.

Please feel free to use the information contained within.

To find your representatives, look up by location at

Maryland Election Districts - Interactive Map

To find out if they are or sponsoring the bill, go to ‘bill information & status,’ then put in the bill number and it will show all the sponsors of the bill.

I will send an email out as soon as I hear and we will start the tsunami!




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