Maryland Academy of Advanced Practice Clinicians

The Governor signs and Maryland becomes the most NP friendly state in the US!

Posted about 10 years ago by Elaine Crain


It is finished!

Today, my friends, colleagues, (and those who only know me via the internet)…

Our bill has been signed and we are truly, really, philosophically, practically NURSES – over, under, to, fro, by, with and from NURSES!

You have lots of questions and concerns – and I will be answering them…just not tonight! I cannot contain my happiness and pride long enough to be sensible so…

Your now, non-roving correspondent, home, drinking a nice Cab, Elaine



Donna Johnson almost 10 years ago

Hope you have more than one.
Congrats, all of your hard work paid off!!!

Annette Naru almost 10 years ago

On a plane heading to Boston for Contraceptive Technology conference and reading my current Advance for Nurse Practitioners. The first big article is how NPAM got the bill to the MD legislaters and how they are working with MNA to get it passed.....we need to get to Advance ASAP requesting that they correct their info. It was similar to the article that was in the MNA news. Anne Naru

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