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An update from the 1st Board of Nursing meeting on 4/28/10.

Posted over 10 years ago by Elaine Crain


We had a great turn out – about 15 NPs came. And we had a nice spectrum – acute care, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatric, adult, family and GYN.

Shirley DeVeras, RN, JD, Director of Policy Analysis and Legislation, and Emmaline Woodson, MS, RN, Director of Advanced Practice Certification, were right off the mark with their plan and I have the impression that they were happy to have us there and excited to work with us. Pat Noble, MSN, RN, Executive Director, was on hand to congratulate us and offer any support we needed.

Guess the next thing I should say is that I have never been to a ‘re-writing’ of the Regs meeting and I am told I am do not have a normal attitude, LOL!

However, I thought it was fascinating. Oh yes – we went through all the regs that pertained to the new statue and I must say made a nice start!

Supposedly, we worked fast and efficiently – I don’t know… a group of NPs trained endlessly in critical thinking – not get it done in the time frame? Sounds normal to me!

I thought the best part was the comments and suggestions from around the room. We are all on the same page true, but some disciplines have different page colors!

I have a suspicion that these rewrites will be a joy to all!

So details –


We crossed out all the outdated language about collaborative agreement.

  • There is a whole bunch of language changes and renumbering that went along with this –took the most time! But it should read well and perhaps easier!


We discussed briefly how the attestation statement should look.

  • We are thinking about having it be a stand-alone page in the application process (if you remember- a 2 page document to change from RN to NP). That way if you ‘lost’ your doc (it can happen), you can send in another’s name easily.


We talked about adding alternative physicians to the attestation or maybe the "chief" if you are inpatient.

  • Should we add specialists to the attestation, as that would reflect the reality of how we refer and to whom?


Does the standing CA become the attestation – no, as not the same.

  • Send attestation with renewal of license (birth month)
  • Add possible reminder to the on line renew area

The next meeting is this Thursday, May 6th (right before the Shredding Party!) at 4pm. It is open to all, so if you want to see the process unfold, join us. If not I will let you know what’s next!

Questions or comments let me know and I’ll bring them along.

Your roving report, now at the hallowed halls of the Maryland Board of Nursing,




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