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NPs on the National News!

Posted over 10 years ago by Elaine Crain


For your entertainment as seen on NBC Nightly News last night! They featured a piece on nurse practitioners – with our own Susan Delean-Botkin. She, of course was fabulous!

And kudos to all of you who work in Take-Care and MinuteClinic – lots of your patients will recognize you from this piece.

Gotta love the AMA for trying to write a cautionary tale. Too bad they didn’t think about the crisis before it was created by their own. Too late to worry, too blue to cry. We are here and ready, guys, step back!

What we need now is some serious PRESS. Let’s ride the wave!

Please email, call or write your local newspapers, TV stations, and the Networks - let them know you are in support of Nurse Practitioners, about the great job that we do, and please make the statement that Nurse Practitioners are the future of health care.

Also mention - Nurse Practitioners need Medicare barriers removed - we need to be able to write orders for hospice, home health, nursing home admits, and we need to be reimbursed fairly.

MCNP and NPAM are going to use this broadcast as a stepping-stone to go to the US Congress, and meet with our US Senators and Representative to talk about barriers to care for Medicare patients.

As we proved in the 2010 Maryland Legislative session, if we use our grass roots power, and are heard by our legislators, then regulations can change!

I hope all have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

Yours in Independence,

Elaine M. Crain, MSN, CRNP

MCNP Secretary, Greater Annapolis Coordinator.

Coordinator: One who brings the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony.



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