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Practice Question in the new world

Posted about 9 years ago by Elaine Crain

Question posed:

I am looking for a new FNP job, but can't find the rules of if a Family Nurse Practitioner can work in hospital setting in Maryland. If you can lead me to the right direction of where I can find that information, please let me know. The MBON does not have that posted on the web. Thank you for your help.

Elaine’s educated opinion:

According to previous BoN credentialing committee policy, non-critically trained NP's can work in hospitals provided they don't have responsibility for monitored patients.

Once the collaborative agreement is phased out - October 1, 2010 is still the projected date - the BoN will no longer be assessing to see that a NPs skills match the job description.

Fact: NPs in Maryland do work in hospitals and hospitals do hire NPs.

Fact: NPs can be credentialed by a hospital as a staff member and can document patient care, write orders, and admit.

This came up in discussions during the regulatory writing meetings in May. And it seems that it is up to the hospitals to make sure the person hired is educated, trained, and credentialed to do what they are hired to do.

It is up to the individual NP to practice in a safe manner and not outside their field of expertise or scope of practice.

The NPs education and certification are part if this responsibility. It remains to be seen if an NP’s past nursing experience can be used by an individual hospital or practice in deciding an NP’s eligibility for hire.

There is nothing specific in the Regulations or Laws, other than NPs may only practice within their individual scope of practice.

As we become more independent, so the grey area increases. My advice, be safe in your choice of position. The entire responsibility of the patients care now resides in you as an individual.

Question, but don’t fear!

Yours in Independence,

Elaine M. Crain, MSN, CRNP

MCNP Secretary, Greater Annapolis Coordinator.

Coordinator: One who brings the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony.



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