Maryland Academy of Advanced Practice Clinicians

Medicaid is launching a new electronic provider enrollment system that will require all practitioners to re-enroll.

Posted about 1 year ago by Elaine Crain

There are two phases of implementation. Phase I in Fall 2017 includes most solo practitioners, rendering only providers and group practices. Phase II go-live in Spring 2018 includes hospitals, clinics, other medical facilities, and long term services and supports waivers providers.

More information on enrolling through ePREP at

The site is not active to re-enroll at this time but we wanted to let everyone know what's coming. Medicaid has not done a good job getting the word out!

We will let you know if/when we hear updates.

Mark your calendars for MAAPC’s spring CE Conference March 24, 2018 and for our members-only Professional Development Symposium on April 7, 2018.

Elaine Crain, President