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House Bill 630 / Senate Bill 747 Call To Action

Posted over 7 years ago by Elaine Crain

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The good news is that our bill has made way through the committee process in both the House and Senate. The bad news is that there is still significant opposition from MedChi to it – this is no surprise.


Please look up your Senator/Delegates and and send an email or call to them to either thank them for sponsoring our bill or to explain why they should support it.


Attached is a copy of my letter – remember to put the Senator/Delegates names J


To find your Senators & Delegates, go to and enter your zip code. You can send an email straight from this site by clicking on the name and following the instructions.


To find out if they are or sponsoring the bill, go to Maryland General Assembly, then put in the bill number and it will show all the bill information.


Any questions let me know


Your roving correspondent in Annapolis,

Elaine Crain


Elaine Crain over 7 years ago

And here is the letter again with some needed edits!

Andrea Brassard over 7 years ago

Just checked the Maryland website - bill received an unfavorable committee report?

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