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Urgent call to action for SB512 / HB1356 - Health Care Practitioners - Identification Badge

Posted about 7 years ago by Elaine Crain


We need immediate attention sent to all Senators and Delegates in opposition to SB512 / HB1356. 

The bill requires everyone to wear a name badge in certain outpatient facilities and there is a two-step penalty: first a warning and then a $25.00 fine.  Because it is an administrative process, The Board of Nursing will have to treat everyone of these cases the same way they treat any other complaint.  They will become the "Badge police".  This is MediChi's sequel to last year's bill and as you can see does not often affect ANYONE under the Board of Physicians – only the Board of Nursing! 

It passed the Senate (SB 512) with some of the material still in it that the MBoN wanted taken out.  The bill will be heard in the House this coming Thursday, March 28.  If we could at lest get it referred for interim study we will be okay 

To find your Senators & Delegates, go to and enter your zip code. You can send an email straight from this site by clicking on the name and following the instructions. 

To find out if they are or sponsoring the bill, go to Maryland General Assembly, then put in the bill number and it will show all the bill information. 

For more information; to read the text on line; and to see sponsors in the House and Senate, go to: Maryland General Assembly and enter the bill number – SB512 / HB1356. 

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Any questions let me know 

Your roving correspondent in Annapolis,

Elaine Crain


Elaine Crain almost 7 years ago

Well the site does not seem to be working today! Try the Maryland General Assembly Search site ( and click on ‘Who represents me?’ It takes a few minutes but works ☺.

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