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MAAPC has recently received questions about the scope of practice of NPs in acute care.

Posted about 2 years ago by Elaine Crain

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The Maryland Board of Nursing does not answer specific questions about scope of practice and refers the questioner to the Nurse Practice Act. The NPA is available on line (


MAAPC is a professional association with no legal authority on interpreting the NPA. However, we offer this information from our friend, Carolyn Buppert, an NP and attorney who is an expert in healthcare law:


(at 5:13)


Here is a link to the slides from a relevant talk Carolyn gave at an NCSBN APRN Roundtable:


Here is a link to an article she wrote a long time ago for The Journal for Nurse Practitioners: attached).


Dr. Buppert: “One would hope a hospital’s credentialing office would ask the BON for a go-ahead before it approves adult or family NPs for critical care, but they may not know enough to question it. To some, an NP is an NP. “


We also found this in the Nurse Journal:


We hope this is of some assistance to our colleagues,


Dr. Elaine Crain, DNP, MSN, RN, FNP

MAAPC President


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