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Call for Applicants - Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Posted 8 months ago by Elaine Crain

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Effective October 1, 2019, the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission will be updated in accordance with House Bill 2 which was signed into legislation in 2018.   This legislation changes the makeup of the Commission and revises the requirements for membership. A copy of the Bill is attached for reference.
Please share this email with your colleagues/members who may be interested in applying for potential appointment to serve on the Commission.  
The Governor's Appointments Office is accepting applications for the following Commission seats (effective 10/1/19): 
  • Two licensed non-certified providers who are physicians, dentists, podiatrist, nurse practitioners or nurse midwives. 
  • One nurse or other health care provider experience in hospice, nominated by a State hospice trade association.
  • One pharmacist licensed in the State, nominated by a State research institution or trade association; and
  • One scientist who has experience in the science of cannabis, nominated by a State research institution
  •  Four members with substantial experience:
    • As an executive with fiduciary responsibilities for a large organization or foundation;
    • In an academic field relating to health, agriculture, finance, or addiction treatment; or
    • As a professional in a profession relating to health, agriculture, finance, or addiction treatment.
The attached document includes important information on additional requirements for applicants, the Commission's duties, time commitment, and other relevant information.  This information should be thoroughly reviewed by interested individuals prior to submission of an application.  
Interested applicants must submit a formal application by June 30, 2019 at    
Please contact me with any questions.
Best regards, 
Kim Bennardi
Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations
Maryland Department of Health 
201 West Preston Street, 5th Floor
Baltimore, Maryland  21201
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410-409-0417 (C)
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