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MAAPC Updates June 2019

Posted over 1 year ago by Elaine Crain

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Just a few pieces of information that may be of interest!


I am a MAAPC member working within a neurology clinic and implementing my quality improvement project for my DNP.  If able, I would like to visit other practices, neurology or headache clinic, and follow another nurse practitioner to obtain an alternate view point of how other clinic processes are.  Is this possible?  Would anyone know where to direct me?  

Thank you,

Shannon Seney



I am looking for 2 NPs to work 20 hours or less a week per NP.  This is for a local startup company, mobile software platform, created at JHU. The goals are medication adherence, strengthen provider-patient relationships and reduce cost. Check 

This is ideal for NP on semi-retirement or younger NPs wanting extra income or part time NP.

If you know of someone who might be interested, my contact number 410-652-0751. 


Virginia Alinsao, MBA, MS RN



Quest Diagnostic: New white paper examines the new age of marijuana (see attached)



MAAPC has developed 2 webinars that meet Maryland’s 2018 requirement for all applicants registering for new or renewal CDS registration: HB 1452/SB 1223 Controlled Dangerous Substances Registration – Authorized Providers – Continuing Education.

You must have 2 hours of accepted CEs to renew your CDS and DEA!



Register now for our Pharmacology Update 2019: September 28


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