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Information related to a new legislative mandate taking effect October 1, 2019 and a new free online service for your clients from the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Center for Immunization.

Posted 8 months ago by Elaine Crain

1.      Vaccination Reporting Legislation
Beginning October 1, 2019 Maryland statute §18-109 mandates ALL vaccinations administered in the State of Maryland be reported to Maryland's Immunization Information System, ImmuNet
As a VFC provider this legislation will not impact your current requirement to report all administered vaccine doses within seven (7) days of administration to ImmuNet. However, you should use this as an opportunity to reassess your current method of reporting to ImmuNet. 
If you are reporting vaccine data via manual data entry or flat file submission, now is the time to consider your utilization of an electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) to electronically submit administered vaccine data to ImmuNet.
If you are already reporting administered vaccine data through an EHR/EMR, now is the time to ensure (1) your EHR/EMR continues to meet all current ImmuNet specifications and (2) that ImmuNet is successfully receiving all of your data. 
Ensuring that ImmuNet is receiving all of your administered vaccine data will be critical. After October 1, 2019, information needed to determine your vaccine allocations (MCO panels will no longer be used), influenza doses shipped and AFIX/IQIPrate assessments will come directly from ImmuNet.
Please visit the ImmuNet website at, Click on the "Report to ImmuNet" link, to learn more information about the mandatory reporting process to ensure compliance with the new reporting legislation. 
Specific questions on connectivity and reporting can be addressed to the ImmuNet Help Desk,
2.      Maryland MyIR
The MDH Center for Immunization is pleased to offer a new free online service for your patients and their families, Maryland MyIR. Maryland MyIR stands for "My Immunization Record". It is a confidential and secure online portal that is HIPAA compliant for consumers to directly access their official state vaccination records. Maryland MyIR pulls records from ImmuNet after consumers successfully register and find a match in ImmuNet.
To ensure a match, Maryland MyIR will confirm--DOB, First & Last Name, Parent/Guardian (if trying to match for a child 17 yrs or younger record) and Phone Number. The Center for Immunization will provide customer support for Maryland MyIR, however you may be asked to update the parent/guardian's contact information in your EHR/EMR to ensure a match. 
Go to for more information about Maryland MyIR or to sign in to Maryland MyIR. We encourage you to share information about Maryland MyIR with your patients and their families. To request Maryland MyIR brochures please email