Maryland Academy of Advanced Practice Clinicians

FYI - Opportunities in a COVID crisis. No fact checkng done so be careful!

Posted 6 months ago by Elaine Crain

Many of our colleagues have been furloughed and/or their practices have closed. I will be passing along information on opportunities as/when I receive them. Please note – I have not fact-checked every company so please be safe as your email and open links! If anyone has any leads for opportunities/positions, send them along and I will add to this database:

When I receive more, I will put them at the top of this list so we have a comprehensive database.

Maryland Hospital Association and the Maryland Department of Health established a new, coordinated system, MarylandMedNow, to support critical staffing needs at hospitals and alternative care sites across the state.

Amwell Medical Group (Telehealth)

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (Referring patients for medical cannabis via telehealth)