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ICN Guidelines on Advanced Practice Nursing are now available

Posted 5 months ago by Elaine Crain

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The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has published "Guidelines on Advanced Practice Nursing 2020." Led by an international team of authors, the guidelines focus on definitions and roles of nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists.

According to authors, the purpose of the guidelines is to "facilitate a common understanding of Advanced Practice Nursing and the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) for the public, governments, healthcare professionals, policy makers, educators and the nursing profession."

The guidelines can be used to "support stakeholders to develop policies, frameworks and strategies supportive of an Advanced Practice Nursing initiative."

Lead author Madrean Schober PhD, MSN, ANP, FAANP, is one of several members of AANP who were involved in developing the guidelines.

The guidelines can be used by countries with an existing advanced practice nursing model to review their current state of advanced practice nursing against the recommendations. This document is the first of its kind and will support consistency and clarity of advanced practice nursing internationally and enable further development of APN roles.