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Management of your MAAPC ENP Account

Posted almost 2 years ago by Elaine Crain

Dear MAAPC members and followers, 

Please review the options and updates below that pertain to the management of your MAAPC online account. The website is managed by The ENP Network (ENP) who also provides us with voluntary options to access educational, employment and practice opportunities outside of our organization. The only “official” email sent by ENP is their “Weekly Activity Campaign”. This announcement promotes us and other associations by listing events. However, if you would like to limit the amount of email received through ENP, then you must manage your account settings.

Question#1: " Why am I getting duplicate emails?" If you have reopened your account, changed passwords, opened an account under a new email, new name or had a name change, then you may have more than 1 existing account (one account is active and the other is inactive). Subsequently, you will receive emails for all accounts. 

Solution: This can be managed by searching the website for accounts under your names/emails and cancelling one of the accounts.

Question#2: "Why do I keep getting so many notices to renew." When a membership prepares to expire, automatic notices are sent at day 60, 45, 30,15, 5 and the day prior to expiration. If or when the membership lapses a notice of expiration may be sent, however, ENP tries to prevent this.

Solution: Renew in a timely manner and ensure you only have one account open at a time.

Question#3: "Why do I get so many notices from MAAPC?" Having access to ENP allows you to receive notices from the various ENP organizations. 

Solution: If you have not set the MEMBERSHIP PREFERENCES, you will recieve all notifications offered through the website. You will need to modify your account preferences to limit the communication in 1 of 2 methods.

  1. To change/modify the preferences go to > My HOME > RECENT ACTIVITY > On the LEFT side of the screen select MANAGE ACCOUNT > NOTICE SETTING and then UNCHECK what you don't want.
  2. Or, if you receive an email you no longer want to receive, go to the bottom of the email and select UNSUBSCRIBE. This is the same as changing the setting. You will be removed from that particular setting.

We hope this helps to clarify concerns and helps manage your account

We appreciate your membership and thank you for your continued support. Any questions, please contact us at

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Stay safe & sane,

Elaine Crain, MAAPC President