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Attestation & License Questions

Posted about 9 years ago by Elaine Crain


Lorraine Diana and I have been hearing about a couple of problems that RNs and NPs are having with the Board of Nursing’s web-based license update and with the Attestation process.

We would like to do a quick study and need help.

When you have a minute, please go to the BoN website and check your online license both RN and NP (and others if you have them). It is under ‘Look-up a Licensee,’ then put in your name or license number. Under status, it should say ‘Active.’

Then email me at as to its status: active, inactive, not sure what else it can say!

If your status is not correct, contact Emmaline Woodson (410-585-1909. or immediately (and let me know).


The attestation process is working but much slower than we anticipated:

The regulations require a "Board" approved attestation. The Board of Nursing Counsel has determined that the attestation has to be approved by the Board and that the Board has no authority for a pending approval. 

This is going to delay certification at the most for 4 weeks but if someone gets their information in before a Board meeting they will generally get approved right away - if staff can process it in time.    If not, they will have to wait for the next Board meeting (these are still every 4 weeks). Approvals will be posted right away.  

The Board was asked if Emmaline Woodson and staff could approve the attestations but the Board felt that they should publicly approve the attestations since this was a very new process.  

The Board did not want to appear to be rubber-stamping the applications for certification.  The world is still watching to see how this works so we are all trying to be transparent and thorough. (via Shirley Devaris, Director of Policy Analysis and Legislation).

Please then also let me know how long it takes from your license renew / attestation until the attestation is approved.

Yours in Independence, 

Elaine M. Crain, MSN, CRNP

MCNP Secretary, Greater Annapolis Coordinator.

Coordinator: One who brings the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony


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