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Maryland NP & Board of Nursing Update 5-2-11

Posted about 8 years ago by Elaine Crain


Many of you have ‘spoken’ to me about problems with license renewals and attestation approvals.

This Monday, we met with Emmaline Woodson and Shirley Devaris from the Board of Nursing (BoN) to resolve these issues. With me were Susan Delean-Botkin representing NPAM, Laura Kress representing Hopkins, Deb Schofield representing UoMD, Sandy Nettina representing NPAM, and Lorraine Diana representing MCNP.

After a lively discussion, and some very needed education on our part, we have come up with a plan and hopefully solutions for the problems.

1. On the issue of license renewals (background: renewals on line did not show up on website as active after payment accepted): 

  • New software and new database at the BoN has caused delays – the kinks have been worked out and systems are expected to flow smoothly from now on.
  • Each renewal has to be manually checked – greater than 200 per month. Emmaline was very short on staff for last few months that caused delays. This is no longer the case.
  • Once you have sent license renewal in, go back in system about 4 days later to see if everything updated. Email or call Emmaline (Emmaline Woodson or 410-585-1909) if problems ensue.
  • For advance practice questions or issues on license renewal – do not call renewal people, call Emmaline’s office.

2. Attestations and the New World

  • In the beginning (which was October 2010) Emmaline’s office would post the Attestation as approved once the physician was vetted and then NP could work. At some point, the BoN Attorney said the each Attestation had to be approved by full Board at the monthly meeting. 
  • At this time, all ‘approved’ Attestations are posted on the Friday after Board meeting.
  • This is why there are now delays up to 6 weeks. We are back in the same system we tried to eliminate with the legislation in 2010.
  • The Task Force that met on May 2 has asked to be added to the Board’s Agenda on May 24 to present our concerns and solutions to the issue.
  • Please note: The BoN is not attempting to hinder our patient care, our livelihood, or our sanity! They are trying to set up a system for dealing with a new legislative decision. It is time consuming, frustrating and confusing. (It makes perfect sense to me but I worked on the bill so it seems clear ;)
  • I will keep you posted as to our progress. Please continue to let me know about successes and problems.

3. Other information you may not know

  • Send in new/renewed National Certifications as soon as received, but not every year with license renewal.
  • CPR and other certifications (ATLS, PALS, etc) are no longer required by the Board. It was not included in the Attestation and was only required in the CA. (You should maintain it anyway!)
  • Attestations should be sent ONLY to Sharon Allen and questions should be directed to her ( or 410-585-1930).
  • For unresolved issues contact Emmaline via email or phone (Emmaline Woodson or 410-585-1909).
  • Attestations are not site-specific (like the Collaborative Agreement). You collaborate with the physician– no matter where you work.
  • If you have different levels or types of practice, you will need a different collaborator and thence additional attestations or multiple physicians on one attestation.
  • If you work in internal medicine with an IM physician and moonlight in a pediatric practice, you will need a pediatrician on your attestation.
  • Same with hospital care – if you work in the ER and OR you will need an ER Doc and a Surgeon.

 Please pass this on to all the NPs you know. If they would like to added to my email lists (I don’t share them – I will however try and convince them to join MCNP as we will need voices and strength for future legislative endeavors ;), have them email me at

Yours in Independence (and I really mean it;), 

Elaine M. Crain, MSN, CRNP

MCNP Secretary, Greater Annapolis Coordinator.

Coordinator: One who brings the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony.



Lacy Pitman about 8 years ago

Thank you Elaine - this is very helpful.

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