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Letter from MCNP president

Posted almost 10 years ago by Lacy Pitman

Hi everyone,

It was extremely refreshing to go to the AANP Region 3 Leadership Meeting in Baltimore this weekend. It was interesting to see what the other states are doing, what the goals of AANP are, and the support we can expect from them in the future.

You may go to to easily support legislation in Maryland for NPs. This is SO EASY and kind of fun to see a nice letter zipped off to your representatives. NPs can do this – along with any friends, family, or patients. We need to get active with this and show our enthusiasm and commitment to what matters to us. Just choose the issues that you support and send your emails.

Virginia is going forth with legislation similar to ours. Their strategy with legislation is to define NP practice and get rid of as much additional verbiage as possible. They made a big point of stating that part of their bill is to define NPs as regulated ONLY by the board of Nursing. This is to pre-empt further problems with their board of physicians. As a transplant from Oregon, this seems so basic to me. We are a profession that should not be regulated by another profession. It almost seems ridiculous to have to discuss this point!

It became very obvious throughout my day in Baltimore that we have a good chance of uniting our state behind legislation to further our goals as NPs. Jan Towers encouraged us to work together. I hope that all NPs in Maryland will be able to actively support legislation to reduce restrictions to our practice and improve access to much needed health care. This is how AANP is moving – this is how all states are moving.

I am encouraged and looking forward to the next few months with MCNP. We can use involvement from everyone who has an interest in unencumbered NP practice. Lorraine Diana is our legislative lead – and needs active support from anyone who would like to get involved.

Very respectfully submitted,

Lacy Pitman

MCNP President



Lorraine Diana almost 10 years ago

Good letter Lacy!
I am in Myrtle Beach this week, but will have my computer and cell phone all week if you need anything.

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