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Supporting HB 1099 – Criminal Law – Second Degree Assault – Health Care Practitioners

Posted over 8 years ago by Elaine Crain

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Dear Supporter:

Thank you for your interest in supporting HB 1099 – Criminal Law – Second Degree Assault – Health Care Practitioners.    This bill is essential to protecting our health care practitioners from violence in the workplace.   The bill applies to second degree assault of any licensed or certified health care practitioner in the workplace.   By raising the penalty from a misdemeanor to a felony, this bill will give us an important tool to protect our health care practitioners.

Fifteen other states already have similar measures.  This bill offers the opportunity to demonstrate our support for our health care practitioners who face the all-too-common occurrence of violence in the workplace. 

Our hearing is March 6 at 1pm in the House Judiciary Committee. In preparing for the hearing, we would appreciate your help in:

  • Identifying 1-2 individuals from your organization to testify about the impact of violence in health care settings.   It is always helpful when individuals can testify about their personal experience;
  • Generating letters, emails, and phone calls to the General Assembly, particularly members of the Judiciary Committee; and
  • Submitting written testimony to the Judiciary Committee from your organization as well as individual health care practitioners who have personal stories to share.

Although we do have organizational support for this bill, there will be resistance from the Judiciary Committee.  We want to work with you to make sure our panels for the bill are organized and have the most impact.    Please contact John Padgett in my office by calling 410-841-3101 or Robyn Elliott, lobbyist for the Maryland Nurses Association at or (443) 926-3443.

It is important that the individual committee members be contacted.  Below you will find their names, the districts they live in, and their contact information.


Chairman Delegate Vallario (27A)  

Vice Chairman Delegate Dumais (15)

Delegate Alston (24)                            

Delegate Anderson (43)                     

Delegate Arora (19)                              

Delegate Carter (41)                             

Delegate Clippinger (46)                    

Delegate Cluster (8)                             

Delegate Conway (40)                         

Delegate Dwyer (31)                            

Delegate Hough (38)                            

Delegate Kelly (1B)                               

Delegate Lee (16)                                  

Delegate McComas (35B)                   

Delegate McDermott (38B)               

Delegate Mitchell (44)                        

Delegate Parrott (28)                           

Delegate Simmons (17)                                      

Delegate Smigiel (36)                          

Delegate Valderrama (26)                 

Delegate Valentino-Smith (23A)    

Delegate Waldstreicher (18)            


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