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Letter to Senators & Delegates for HB319 and SB484

Posted over 12 years ago by Elaine Crain

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Please download the letter attached and send it to your Senator and Delegates. Go to, find your district and your representatives. They all have email addresses. Put their name, the bill number, your name, address and phone number into the letter. Add your own story on how the CA is not for you and either send it email or snail mail. Hand written letters carry more weight than emails! 

Once the bill is out of committee - hopefully this Thursday - we need these letters to hit the offices of everyone in Annapolis. Please take a moment and get this done.

I have already sent an email to all the senators and delegates asking them for support. Now we need individuals to do the same!

Yours in Independence, Elaine Crain


Annette Naru over 12 years ago

I cannot down load the letter. Anne Naru

Elaine Crain over 12 years ago

Here is the letter - made some suggested changes, elaine

Dear Delegate XXX / Senator XXX
I am a Nurse Practitioner living in your district. I am requesting your support for House Bill 319 / Senate Bill 484 which eliminates the collaborative agreement for Nurse Practitioners. The collaborative agreement is a 19-page document, between Nurse Practitioners and the Physicians with whom they work, which must be reviewed by two regulatory boards (the Board of Nursing and the Board of Physicians), for every job offered to a Nurse Practitioner. Ours is the only profession, with its own Board, which has oversight from a different discipline’s Board.
If the agreement is eliminated, the scope of practice for Nurse Practitioners would not change and they would continue to be regulated by the Maryland Board of Nursing. This is a cumbersome and time consuming task for all involved and can result in 2-6 months of delay whenever a Physician or clinic needs to hire a Nurse Practitioner. In addition, more than half of the States, including the District of Columbia, have no collaborative agreement. Many Nurse Practitioners have left Maryland and gone to practice in those states.
Nurse Practitioners are also providing high quality health care in our district and state. Nurse Practitioners are needed to provide care to our vulnerable populations; assist in strengthening the public health infrastructure in our community; and to serve as first responders in the case of local and national disasters.
There are over 800,000 uninsured in the state of Maryland! There is also a serious shortage of Primary Care Physicians: 80% in Southern Maryland, and at least 60% in Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore and other areas. When Health Care Reform is approved there will not be enough Physicians in Maryland to care for all the uninsured.
However, there are over 3000 master’s prepared, licensed, board certified Nurse Practitioners, 75% are in primary care, others work in specialty practices. The collaborative agreement has become an impediment to meeting patient needs. Removing this barrier would mean that more Maryland residents would have access to high quality primary care.
Please feel free to contact me if there is any way that Nurse Practitioners or the Maryland Coalition of Nurse Practitioners can support you and your endeavors:
Name, Title
Phone Number

Lorraine Diana over 12 years ago

Hi Everyone!
Our hearing scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled due to the weather. We don't have another hearing date yet.
This gives us all an opportunity to get letters out to the legislators in the next few days. Please hurry and do this while you are snowed in!
Thank you all for your support!

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