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Posted over 1 year ago

According to Wikipedia and the Silicon Valley gurus a lightning talk is a short presentation lasting only a few minutes, given at a conference or similar forum. The goal of lightning talks is to articulate a topic in a quick, insightful, and clear manner. These concise and efficient talks are intended to grab the attention of the audience, convey key information.

Our Sponsors stepped up and have created several interesting presentations that complement our theme of cultural diversity and implicit bias!

Let us know what you think of the content and if it is applicable to your practice. There is a comment section in the final CE survey.

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MAAPC also has 2 webinars for 2021 that meet Maryland’s 2018 requirement for applicants registering for new or renewing CDS registration.

  • Shana Metzger, MS, AG-ACNP-BC, presenting Strategies for Safe Opioid Prescribing
  • Nick Tannous, MD presenting Pathopharmacology in Pain Medicine