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MAAPC rules!

Posted over 7 years ago by Elaine Crain

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Colleagues – great news

Once again Lorraine and Susan, along with our new heroes Madelaine and Monique, as well as yours truly, staunchly defended Maryland's NPs right to full practice authority.

We had to make some changes in our simple bill to placate the naysayers but we did it!

The attestation can DISAPPEAR.

We do have a statement that new graduates will have a mentor for their first year of practice – but as we do that informally now, we thought it was worth making the statement in the NPA to get rid of the attestation.

Now that negotiations are done, we need every one of you to write your senator and delegates and encourage them to vote YES for House Bill 999 and Senate bill 723.

I am attaching a letter for you to use if needed – if you cannot open it, go to our legislative website (, click on Legislative letter, copy and paste.

Remember letters and calls carry the most weight, then emails. But which ever is best for you – do it!

To find your senator and delegates, go to our website (, click on Resources, then Annapolis General Assembly.

This is the moment to join MAAPC ( as we continue to fight and win for our fellow NPs across the state! Make a difference in your career now and join!

Your roving correspondent in Annapolis, Dr. Elaine


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